Atelier Frueh is the working and teaching studio of LInda Frueh

Atelier Frueh is the working and teaching studio of LInda Frueh

Encaustic wax is a remarkable medium - the hot molten wax solidifies when it touches the surface of a panel; a torch melts and fuses layers upon layers of color into a cohesive whole. Carving, scraping and revealing hidden layers are essential parts of the process, and the glossy, rippled surface of a finished piece nearly glows.

When someone leans forward, fingers twitching, and says ‘I want to touch it’, I know a piece is successful. Careful touch is part of the experience of owning my work.




I am interested in the essence of things.  A scientist by training, I explore the forces, materials, patterns and structures that surround us. Microscopic patterns are repeated at human scale and again at geologic and cosmic scales. When I’m out in the world, subtle colors and textures attract my attention. When in the studio, they become inspiration for pieces that evoke a mood or sense of place.

Working on a piece is both a meditation and a technical challenge. It’s a constant surprise how evocative of emotion colors and shapes can be.

All of my materials and finished works are of archival quality.

Juried Shows

  • 50 to Watch/San Diego Contemporary Artists, 2018

  • Laguna Beach - Unique Abstractions, 2017

  • Morpho Gallery - 5th Annual Encaustic Exhibition - Chicago, IL, 2016.

  • Conceptions Contemporary Art Show, Awarded 2016 Award of Excellence - San Diego, CA, 2016

  • 50 to Watch/San Diego Contemporary Artists: The Studio Door, San Diego, CA, 2016

  • Rock the Red: Art on 30th, San Diego, CA. February, 2016.

  • ArtWalk San Diego, April 30-May 1 2016

  • ArtnSoul Gallery, Featured Artist, April 30, 2016

  • Creative Crafts Council Juried Show, Strathmore Center, Bethesda, MD

  • American Art Collector Magazine

Awards and Honors

  • Cover Story, Encaustizine, (Space Contained)-Summer 2017 issue

  • 2016 Award of Excellence, Conceptions Contemporary Art

  • 2016 Emerging Artist Grant, International Encaustic Artists (IEA)

  • Featured Artist, Manhattan Arts, International





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