Atelier Frueh is the working and teaching studio of LInda Frueh

Atelier Frueh is the working and teaching studio of LInda Frueh

Encaustic is an ancient medium consisting of beeswax melted together with damar resin to create a harder, more lasting material with which to paint and sculpt.  It was first used in Ancient Egypt to seal the hulls of boats, then to create paintings and sculptures that have lasted until today.

I tint the encaustic medium with pigments to create the precise colors I want for each piece.  The sculptural and light-carrying qualities of the medium allow me to use it for wall pieces (paintings, though not with flat surfaces) and free-standing sculptures.




My artwork reflects a search for stillness and balance in an ever more complex world.  Color and texture are my primary expressive tools,  while stripped down compositions and limited palettes generate a sense of restraint and calm.

In the course of my lifetime the spaces we inhabit, both physically and emotionally, have been changing dramatically. We are exposed to ever more information in an often chaotic stream of sound, words and images.

But we need safe spaces to inhabit and moments of calm to re-energize ourselves; we need quiet times in order to shut out the noise of the world, the expectations of peers and the many life directives streaming from all directions.  In these moments of quiet we can focus on the internal voice and truly grow.

All of my materials and finished works are of archival quality.

Juried Shows

  • Laguna Beach - Unique Abstractions, 2017
  • Morpho Gallery -  5th Annual Encaustic Exhibition - Chicago, IL, 2016
  • Conceptions Contemporary Art Show, Awarded 2016 Award of Excellence - San Diego, CA, 2016
  • 50 to Watch/San Diego Contemporary Artists: The Studio Door, San Diego, CA, 2016
  • Rock the Red: Art on 30th, San Diego, CA.  February, 2016.  
  • ArtWalk San Diego, April 30-May 1 2016
  • ArtnSoul Gallery, Featured Artist, April 30, 2016
  • Creative Crafts Council Juried Show, Strathmore Center, Bethesda, MD
  • American Art Collector Magazine

Awards and Honors

  • Cover Story, Encaustizine, (Space Contained)-Summer 2017 issue
  • 2016 Award of Excellence, Conceptions Contemporary Art
  • 2016 Emerging Artist Grant, International Encaustic Artists (IEA)
  • Featured Artist, Manhattan Arts, International





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